about Heat-transfer printing


Heat-transfering is a superior printing process that can create multicolored, highly detailed designs.
The design remains smooth because of the method used. Heat-transferring lanyards offer durable imprinting onto these lanyards providing you with an imprint that will last for the life of the lanyard, no more rubbing off or fading. The cost of one color has no much difference from for multi colors.

about Silk-screen printing


A fine mesh screen is made from the customer's artwork. The screen is laid on top of the material and the colored ink is applied over the screen. A squeegee pushes the ink through the mesh screen to create the design beneath on the fabric. 
Silk-screen printing is effected one by one colors, the higher unit price.
Silk-screen printing mold could be made quickly, mod revising relatively convenient and colors matching exactly. For Silk-screen printed lanyard, the lanyard bottom color is normally the color dyed out from yarn. Silk-screen printing unit price changes not much because of quantity.


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