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nylon lanyards


Looking for the most detail possible on your custom lanyard design?

Imprinted Nylon lanyards offer a surface that allows for high detail silk-screening.

The Imprinted Nylon lanyards are a perfect option for detailed logos or images. Imprinted Nylon lanyards are slightly thicker than the than other types of custom lanyards we offer.Imprinted Polyester lanyards, and reveal a more shiny appearance than other types of custom lanyards we offer.


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polyester lanyards


Our most popular product, Imprinted Polyester Lanyards are made from a quality, durable polyester material. Polyester material has a certain sheen to that gives you a quality product with a professionally nished appearance.

Silk-sreen Printing and Heat-transfer Printing on top of the lanyard with respect to your custom lanyard design. Images and text on Imprinted Lanyards are guaranteed not to rub off with use.

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lanyard for face mask


We have a way to wear and carry masks. 
Hangs our mask lanyard around your neck, 
holding your mask hands-free and safe. 
Simply put your mask ear loops inside t
he snaps and wear ribbon like a necklace. 
The plastic snaps make it easy to replace your masks. 
The face mask lanyards will prevent children or 
adults from losing their masks throughout the day. 
The face mask lanyards are very comfortable and 
Perfect for when you need to take a mask break.     

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lanyard usb flash drive


The USB Flash Memory Drive plugs into your USB port as a removable hard driv and allows you to easily transport data without having to transport your computer too! Lightweight and compact, the USB Flash Memory Drive is so easy and versatile.

handphone strap


To hold your hand phone / camera in secure and readily accessible location. Hand Phone Strap suitable to promote your company or advertise a just-launched product.


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woven lanyards


Woven lanyards are tough and durable.

These premium quality lanyards comprise a satin ribbon that has your design woven into it and then sewn onto a polyester base. Jacquard weaving is an automated method of raising and lowering yarn on a loom to produce design.

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imprinted satin lanyards


Two layer satin lanyards are good quality and thick, elegance of the satin material two color tone attracted people, with your logo printed on it, you will get good value from this lanyard in any promotional events. No matter how simple your logo or message may be these lanyards will showcase it with a great presence.

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reflective lanyards


Reflective lanyards provides exceptional reflective quality for use when visibility is low, reflective lanyards are great for night time, safety use, hospital (nonabsorbent and wiped clear) and event use. Reflective are can be centered in the middle or separated as 2 line on the edges of lanyards. 

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colorful carabiner hooks


You can either match carabiner hook with custom printed strap or lanyards..


lanyards basic color


1) Chilli red

2) Maroon

3) Orange

4) Beige

5) Yellow

6) Baby blue

7) Mid blue

8) Royal blue

9) Blue 2068

10) Navy blue

lanyards basic color


11) White

12) Black

13) Purple

14) Lake green

15) Turquoise

16) Neon green

17) Neon orange

18) Neon pink

19) Grey

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lanyards accessories



A) PVC metal clip

B) PVC plastic clip

C) Metal clip

D) 5294 hook

E) Metal hook

F) 11061 hook

G) 654 hook

H) ‘O’ Ring

lanyards accessories



I) Safety clip

J) Round buckle

K) Buckle (15/20mm)

L) Metal Buckle

M) Adjustable clip


Handphone buckle

N) Handphone clip

O) Bullet Handphone clip

P) Handphone string



Q) Round stoppe

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